Volunteering can make a genuine difference to your life and the lives of others.

As a Safety Alert Volunteer, regardless of education, background, or skill set, you can contribute in a vital and dynamic way to improving safety in your local community. You will be:

  1. Taking positive action to safeguard others

  2. Learning and sharing new knowledge and skills to empower others

  3. Meeting and working with like-minded people in a supportive network

  4. Giving back to the community through being part of the solution to enhancing its safety

  5. Increasing your personal safety and revitalizing your existing skill set

  6. Receiving regular updates on extremist’s tactics, criminal scams, and issues of personal violence

SAVE is a community enterprise open to anyone who wishes to participate as a Safety Alert Volunteer (SAV).  Members of the community in any geographical location in Australia can register, via email, their interest in becoming a volunteer in the SAVE network.

Upon receipt of an interest request, an application form will be emailed to you.  This application form will also be used for background and security checking.  This is to ensure, as far as reasonably possible, that the SAVE network is not infiltrated with people who hold extremist views considered to be unacceptable to the principles and practices of a civilised society. 

SAVE your Community – thank you for considering being part of the solution to community safety.




Successful applicants will undergo basic training in ‘Safety Alertness’ knowledge, skills and competencies. The training program will last one day. The training format is a morning workshop followed by an afternoon of practical testing at various public sites.

When a sufficient number of SAV’s are registered within a particular region, then a suitable location for training will be determined in consultation with each particular geographical ‘community safety cluster’ of suburban neighbourhood for that region.

This one day training course will be limited to small numbers to maximise learning transfer and competency testing. A certificate of completion will be provided to successful trainees.

Once registered as a certified Safety Alert Volunteer there are flexible options to suit your lifestyle and time commitments to serve your community in enhancing its safety and trust.

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