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There will never be enough police and security officers to cover where they may need to be, and when they need to be there.

Residents in their local communities are the best placed to look out for the safety of others in their borough, suburb, neighbourhood, region and geographic community.

Investing in the Community 

The SAVE network works with existing agencies and organisations that wish to sponsor a safety alertness training package for residents and/or their own staff based in a local area, district or region.

The SAVE network can’t operate without sponsors (agencies, organisations, and institutions both public and private) to pay for local community members to be trained in safety alertness knowledge and skills.

The team members of the SAVE network are all working professionals with specific and special expertise in a diversity of fields related to safety and security domains.  Their time and expertise has to be paid for by someone.  Local communities rarely have the space in their already stressed budget to fund such a training investment.

However, local communities have many links to a range of agencies, organisations, and institutions in their geographic region to consult with about becoming financial sponsors of a Community ‘SAVE’ training program through investing in the community’s well-being.

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