Training Packages

Depending on what a community wants, SAVE customizes its standard three-day community-based training package to the specific needs of a local community.

The SAVE team are professionals with specialised expertise in a diversity of fields related to policing, safety and security domains.  A brief overview of what each day entails is outlined below:

Day 1: Cognitive Extremism

Proposition: Fundamentalist thinking, religious and secular, is the root of extreme views

Aim: to assist participants in understanding and identifying the warning signs of cognitive extremism in the community and to learn how to respectfully question and challenge a fixated mindset.

Day 2: Community Alertness

Proposition: An alert community is a safe community

Aim: to facilitate participants ‘safety alertness’ in the community to a range of social harms and to learn how to respond in a timely and appropriate manner.

Day 3: Community Integration

Proposition: Each community does ‘safety’ differently in its own unique way

This day is devoted to SAVE consulting with a selection of community/agency members about how best they-in-partnership can become the experts in their local community to enhance and integrate what they have learnt in training to safeguard all who live, work and belong to their community.


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