Dr. Geoff Dean leads the team at Safety Alert Volunteer Enterprise (SAVE) network.  He is also the Managing Director of the company Violence Prevention Consulting as well as Adjunct Professor with Griffith University at the Griffith Criminology Institute and the Policy Innovation Hub in Brisbane, Australia.

His fields of professional expertise, teaching specialisation and research excellence are in countering violent extremism, entrepreneurial organised crime, knowledge-managed policing, criminal profiling, investigative psychology, crowd safety management, and community safety.

He has an established media profile and track record as an international peer reviewer and guest editor for several prestigious journals, publishes extensively, and consults globally with police and security organisations.

Our Team – Consists of professionals with specialised expertise who support the running of this community-based enterprise.

  • Dr Geoff Dean
    Dr Geoff Dean Chief Executive Officer - Adjunct Professor (International Policing, Security & Terrorism)
  • Graeme Pettet
    Graeme Pettet Chief Technology Officer - Computational Mathematics
  • Margo van Felius
    Margo van Felius Network Program Manager - PhD Candidate (Policing)
  • Jeremy Dean
    Jeremy Dean Head Of Operations
  • Zarina Vakhitova
    Zarina Vakhitova Global Research Manager - PhD Candidate (Criminology)
  • Peter Gibbons
    Peter Gibbons Senior Training Officer - Forensic Studies
  • Megan Daley
    Megan Daley Marketing Manager
  • Graham Easterby
    Graham Easterby Intelligence & Security


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