The Guardian – interview on 30 April 2019 in relation to an ‘old-style’ Australian right-wing extremist group known as ‘True Blue’ and their attempts to present a more publically appealing ‘softer’ image.

ABC Radio National – Life Matters program – ‘live’ podcast interview with Prof.  Geoff Dean discussing the risk of violence from white supremacists in the wake of the two mosque massacres at Christchurch in New Zealand.

The Canberra Times – interviewed on 21 March 2019 about the rise of right-wing extremism in Australia in the light of the Christchurch attack.

Spiegel Online – interviewed on 20 March 2019 for article about Australian right-wing extremism and connections to the shooter Tarrant of the Christchurch massacre.  Article available at:

The Guardian – interviewed on 18 March 2019 after Christchurch mosque attacks.  Article on ‘A Perfect Platform: internet’s abyss becomes a far-right breeding ground’ available online at:

The Wall Street Journal – interviewed on 17 Match 2019 for an article on White Nationalism featuring Brenton Tarrant the Christchurch attacker at two mosques at Friday prayers on 15 March 2019 in which 50 people died.

Expert Witness Advice – request (June 2018) by NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office who act for the State of NSW in relation to any application under the Terrorism (High Risk Offenders) Act 2017 in the Supreme Court of NSW.  The Crown Solicitor was concerned about a parole hearing for a convicted white supremacist who is due for release from prison. Specifically, their concern regards the interpretation of certain symbols and general information relating to right-wing terrorism and white supremacism they require to make an informed determination about what type of parole conditions should be placed on a white supremacist when eligible for release into the community.

ABC Radio (Northern Tasmania) – interview with Drive Presenter, Pilia Wirsu (aired 26 Sept 2017). Story about the appearance of a self-styled Neo-Nazi group on the campus of the University of Tasmania calling themselves ‘Antipodean Resistance’.  The group’s particular focus is the massive intake of ‘foreign students’ to boost university coffers at the expense of jobs for Australian graduates.  Dr. Dean refers to such single-issue groups like this one as ‘pop-up’ extremists because, like mushrooms, they ‘pop-up’ all over the place.  Such ‘pop-up’ extremist groups also like mushrooms have a limited shelf life, unless they join forces with a larger extremist movement.

The Machinery of Government – blog post on The rising impact of right wing extremism in Australia by Erin Maclean (posted 28 November 2016)

AAP Pressnews story on Right Wing Extremism on the rise (published online on 2 June 2017)

ABC Radio (Brisbane) – interview on Manchester bomb attack at Ariana Grande concert at 10.35pm (UK time) on 22 May 2017 (aired at 7.13pm on 23 May 2017 – Australian time)

Channel 9 News –television story on car attack at Westminster bridge in London on 23 March 2017.

 BBC newsnewspaper story concerning the heightened security measures at Australian airports, published online as BBC report on 4 Aug 2017.

 The Straits Times – Singaporean newspaper story interview with Jonathan Pearlman on the anti-terror barriers in Australia, published online on 30 June 2017.

 Courier Mail – newspaper story on Brisbane’s Queens st Mall not fortified from vehicle attack, published online on 27 June, 2017

 Channel 9 News – television story on Terror expert Geoff Dean has warned Queen St Mall is unprotected against terror attacks, 27 Jun 2017 6:03PM • Channel 9, Brisbane (National Nine News)

Courier Mail – newspaper story on show us your bags as security up at Ekka by Trenton Akers, on Saturday August 5, 2017 (p. 16 in section on ‘War on Terror’).

Channel 9 News – television story on unprecedented security measures will be in place at this year’s Ekka by Tessa Hardy, on August 5, 2017 at 6.07pm.

ABC Radio (Sunshine Coast)interview about the internet and online radicalisation (pre-recorded on Friday 7 July, 2017).

Channel 9 News story on ‘social media & e-terrorism scams’ (6.00pm News on 31 May 2017)

ABC radio-Sunshine Coast– interview on ‘how to deal with hostage/siege situations’ (aired at 8.33am on 3 June 2017)

Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin (Gold Coast) – newspaper interview for story on Beware the cold callers by Jack Harbour about scams increasing over Christmas period, published on 26 November 2016. – interview for story on What makes a mass murderer: Clue – it’s not Islam, published online on 20 July 2016.–its-not-islam/news-story/b623a572f8c646458449fb511a864d54

 Herald Sun – newspaper reprint on story – What makes a mass murderer: Clue – it’s not Islam, published on 22 July 2016

 Perth Now – newspaper reprint on story – What makes a mass murderer: Clue – it’s not Islam, published on 22 July 2016

Police psychology blog on Islam and extremism posted Aug 2016)

ABC Radio (Canberra) – interview on response to PM Tony Abbott’s speech on Terrorism (aired at 9.34 am on 24 February 2015).

 Weekend Australian – newspaper story on Drop the idea of the lone wolf as a madman: most terrorists think rationally. Published on 24 Jan 2015.

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