Community Safety

The SAVE network links local communities and agencies around a Safety First Community approach.

It’s a community right to be safe from harm. This is the message and priority of a community that desires to reinvigorate itself as a good, health and safe neighbour of like-minded residents.

This Safety First Community approach is a ‘whole-of-community-government partnership’ to address the array of societal harms confronting local communities.

Each community will do ‘safety’ differently. That’s why the SAVE network is not in charge of running anything.  SAVE is a community resource – to train, educate, facilitate, mentor, advise, and consult about how each community can best advance their aspirations to be better than they now are in making their community a safe and friendly place to live, work and belong to for all its residents.

Community Cohesion

Social cohesion is a concept adopted by many governments around the world as a way of strengthening social ties and countering hate speech and rising right-wing extremism, and its potential for breeding violent extremists, while supporting the full participation of minority groups within a broad civic society in which the ‘common good’ reflects the community-enriching value of multiple voices (Keddie 2014: 419; Jansen, Chioncel et al. 2006: 198)[1]

[1] Jansen, T., N. Chioncel and H. Dekkers (2006). Social cohesion and integration: learning active citizenship. British Journal of Sociology of Education 27(2): 189-205.

Keddie, A. (2014). Australian multicultural policy: Social cohesion through a political conception of autonomy. Journal of Sociology 50( 4): 408-421.

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