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I have worked for many years at the cutting edge of the policing, security and terrorism domains. I know from deep experience  how turbulent,  disruptive, and dangerous this age is for our global community.  We face many new and emerging harms like hate crime and various forms of extremism which sprout like poisonous mushrooms in our local communities.  These evolving societal harms include such things as fake news, social media ‘echo chambers’, cyber-crime scams, mass shootings, extremist threats, and terrorist attacks.

Traditional harms such as road/pedestrian/bike accidents, personal assaults, property crime, organised crime, illegal drugs, corporate and political corruption, as well as environmental disasters and health pandemics, are well supported by existing organisations like Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers, Emergency Management agencies and a range of regulatory institutions.

I specifically formed the Safety Alert Volunteer Enterprise (SAVE) network to equip local communities with safety alertness tools, knowledge and skills, to keep their community as safe as they can from not only, traditional societal harms, but more importantly from new and evolving harms that all too easily can take root, fester and grow in local communities to the point of eruption with devastating and often catastrophic consequences. Furthermore, integrating a ‘safety alertness’ approach enhances social cohesiveness in a community.

Dr. Geoff Dean


The SAVE network works with existing agencies and organisations to sponsor safety alertness training for residents of a local area, district or region who volunteer their time and talent to improving the safety of their community.

Trainee’s Comments:

“I liked how we got involved as a team and going out to practice what we learnt… like ‘alert cues’ that previously I wouldn’t have considered…the wide range of experience and knowledge of trainers… they were engaging … no boring bits … the storytelling was insightful… real cases where small details came together to solve a larger problem.”


The ‘Safety Alert Volunteer Enterprise’ (SAVE) is a capacity-building ‘Network’ for educating local communities how to remain alert and safe to new, emerging and evolving societal harms, risks and threats.

Each community will do ‘safety’ differently. Healthy communities are self-directing and self-evolving. That’s why the SAVE network is not in charge of running anything.  SAVE is a community resource – to train, educate, facilitate, mentor, advise, and consult about how each community can best advance their aspirations to be better than they now are in making their community a safe and friendly place to live, work and belong to for all its residents.


The SAVE network does not, itself, have volunteers or members, its only role is to train community members (residents and agency staff) in local communities to be their ‘own unique enterprise’ in keeping their community safe from new, emerging and evolving harms.

Once a community member is trained by the SAVE Network they can choose to ‘gift’ their time and talents to any agency, organisation or institution that accepts ‘volunteers’.


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